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Ethiopia: daily fight for recycling

Director: Luigi Baldelli


25m | Switzerland | 2019

Language: Ethiopian   

Australian Premiere

Ethiopia is a country in constant growth, 70% of the population is under 25 years old and plastic consumption has increased dramatically. Officially four million people live in Addis Abeba, but it is estimated that the real number is more than double. To calculate the consumption of plastic bottles is nearly impossible. Statistics say that there were 21 million bottles in 2010. By the end of 2020 there will be hundreds of millions of bottles.

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4/8 | Beirut

Director: Patrick Kohl


28m 2s | Germany | 2020

Language: Arabic, English   

Four intimate stories of trauma, despair and hope.

On August 4, 2020, a huge explosion shook Lebanon’s capital Beirut. The explosion was felt in Turkey, Syria, and parts of Europe, and was even heard more than 250km away. The blast caused more than 200 deaths, over 6,500 injuries, US$ 10–15 billion in property damage, and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. Among them many Syrian and Iraqi refugees. The documentary sheds light on their lives after the cataclysm, tracing the hopes and perspectives of a community in transition. At a time when life has been plunged into uncertainty, and as Lebanon goes through a major political, economic and humanitarian crisis, this movie aims to listen to them too often neglected voices of refugees and to tell their story.

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Directors: Santi Suárez & Christophe Sion


53m | Spain | 2020

Language: Spanish

Australian Premiere

The air belongs to everyone. We all breathe the same air and, in a way, it is dramatic that we cannot stop doing so... The policies of air pollution control and prevention are mainly oriented to pollution caused by vehicle traffic. However, according to data from the Administration itself, most air pollution is caused by industry.

IT'S IN THE AIR is a documentary film focused on the largest petrochemical complex in Southern Europe, located in Tarragona (Spain). This complex produces petroleum derivatives that are used to make plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products, alcohols, gases... Almost 40% of the jobs in the territory are related to it. The film addresses the issue of coexistence between this industrial complex and the inhabitants of the territory through three stories: that of a retired person who held a control position in one of the plants and is now an amateur actor; that of an ex-worker in the refinery's ovens who got cancer as a result of inhaling gases (the first to be recognized by a court ruling); and that of a team of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia who are carrying out a study on the quality of the air around the compound.